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Pneumatic Actuator

AIR PRESSURE RANGE: 4 bar(58 psi) to 8 bar(116psi) Double acting

                                           5 bar(65 psi) to 8 bar(116psi) Single acting

TEMPERATURE RANGE:Standard(NBR):-25℃ to  +80℃

                                           Low temperature(HNBR):-35℃to +80℃

                                           High temperature(FKM):-20℃to +150℃

BODY MATERIAL:Die casting aluminum, stainless steel

SROKE ADJUSTMENT: In the open position is plus or minus 5°adjustable range

WORKING MEDIUM:The filter dry or lubricated air, Non corrosive gas, Inert gas. (the maximum particle size of not more than 30um)

CONNECTION:The botton of the cylinder is connected with the electromagnetic valve according to ISO5211/DIN3337 standard,and the top of the cylinder connection interface according to VDI/VDE-3845,NAMUR standard.

Electormagnetic vlave and a limit switch installed in accordance with NAMUR standard.

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